The school

The most important thing we have learnt during our 18-year experience is that there are many methods for language teaching, but they are not always valid and effective for all students, and not everything they offer is good for everyone. Each student is simply different from any other.

Teachers at L’Accademia are prepared and passionate, the atmosphere is very friendly (our students say so). We will be guided in the use of the method by Dr. Simonetta Piga, teacher of Italian as a foreign language and Montessori educator.

Why the Montessori Method

Maria Montessori, a scientist and pedagogue, is best known for her studies on the development of children and adolescents. In fact, she was passionate about the development of the human mind and soul throughout life.

Maria Montessori was certain that one never stops learning! Adults also learn and do it like children, according to their own times and ways. The Montessorian approach is based on the respect for each single person and their individuality; the teacher’s task is to ensure that each student expresses themselves according to their potential.

The most important aspects of this method are:

  • – it is adaptable to all students according to their needs and levels of study and training
  • – the importance of preparing a suitable environment
  • – the respect for individual learning periods
  • – learning by doing

That is why it is important that there are not too many students in a class, and that the environment is friendly and allowing independent learning, so that everyone can study without ever feeling inadequate. It is necessary to create an environment where the so-called “affective filters,” which limit the active involvement in the lessons and therefore in the practice and learning, can be lowered. In short, it is important to make students feel they can follow their own rhythms (because learning is not a competition!) and that the experience is productive precisely because it is enjoyable.


I am Maura Mattana and I have the task and pleasure of directing L'Accademia. I started out teaching English to the Italians, but I soon realized that my passion was the Italian language. And I found out I was even more interested in organizing perfect study vacations for those wishing to study our language, live our culture, and discover places and cities off the beaten path of mass tourism. I carved out a small niche in which I feel perfectly at ease. And that's not all: I've discovered a way to travel while staying at home. In this "stationary" traveling I am joined by people who may be even more in love with this work than I am, like our head teacher Stefania Manunza. Together we make sure that whoever chooses our school will come back home with something additional: better skills in Italian and a greater desire to discover our island.


With a degree in English language and literature, she has been teaching Italian to foreigners for over 10 years at Accademia, of which she is also the head teacher. Her experience in the field has been complemented by the DITALS Level II, which certifies the theoretical and practical competence in teaching Italian as a foreign language. A lover of language and languages, a book collector, a lover of literature and history, she loves to share her passions with her students and involve them in a journey that is not only linguistic but above all cultural.